Reminder Townhall Forum Nov 16

Reminder to Register for Townhall Forum The Fifth Principle Project will host a Townhall Forum to allow UUs to share their thoughts on the proposed Article II language. Date: Thursday, November 16, 2023 Time: 8:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Mountain, 5:00 PM Pacific Duration: 75 – 90 minutes Pre-registration is required. Pre-register … Read more

Release of Article II Language

The Article II Study Commission released its final version on October 31, 2023 of Article II language which will be presented to the UUA Board of Trustees for approval (expected) and then presented at the June 2024 General Assembly for a final vote. A two-thirds vote of congregational delegates will be required for adoption. You … Read more

Unitarian Universalism is at Risk of Losing its Soul

The Fifth Principle Project has been granted permission to post the video below – Unitarian Universalism is at Risk of Losing its Soul. Susan McWethy, from Atlanta, created the video and originally posted her work on the Save the 7 Principles website. Susan’s 16-minute video delivers a compelling message outlining the threat of the proposed … Read more

It’s Broken. Time for Reform

There is a shortfall, a crisis really, in the supply of UU ministers. This widespread crisis is impacting the ability of congregations, large and small, to fill their pulpits. This shortfall may be a welcomed relief for those appalled by the rise in “wokeism” in the recent crop of seminary graduates. The crisis, however, is … Read more

Left vs Left

Left vs. Left: What’s Happening Here Ain’t Exactly Clear By Ken Ing, Guest Contributor We welcome back Ken Ing as a Guest Contributor with his most insightful video Left vs. Left: What’s Happening Here Ain’t Exactly Clear. We introduce this video with Ken’s own words. This talk is not intended to be focused on Unitarian … Read more

A Response to Rev. Cecilia Kingman’s GA 2023 “Berry Street Essay” by Dick Burkhart

Link to the original recording and text by Cecilia Kingman Reading this essay, I quickly concluded that Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister Cecilia Kingman was not chosen for her erudition on fascism, especially in its current North American context, let alone in UU circles. Fascist tactics from the far Right are in-your-face on the national scene … Read more

Why The UUA is Doomed to Fail in Its Goals, by David Cycleback

The Unitarian Universalist Association leadership is attempting to both increase general UU membership and greatly increase racial minority membership. While the goals are admirable, the UUA’s approach is ill-conceived and likely to fail. David Cycleback Ph.D. is a cognitive scientist and philosopher and a member of the British Royal Institute of Philosophy. Jewish, he attends … Read more

Frank Casper on Article II

Apparently many feel that AI is just too removed from the issues and the feelings concerning them. Here is the alternative.   Two Important Things Subscribe to Comments Subscribe to comments to follow the comments from other readers. Join the Fifth Principle Project. It’s free. The Fifth Principle Project is an organic grassroots initiative to … Read more

The True Believers: By David Cycleback

Unitarian Universalism is in Danger of Becoming Just Another Church ( David Cycleback Ph.D. (ברוך בן אברהם ושרה) is a cognitive scientist and philosopher specializing in brain function and its relationship to knowledge, beliefs, and behavior. He is Director of Center for Artifact Studies, a member of the British Royal Institute of Philosophy, and the … Read more