Town Hall with Todd Eklof discussing the NAUA

Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof discusses what the NAUA is, or seeks to be, and what in his view it is not, with nearly 100 interested and concerned UU’s. The video is approximately 1 1/2 hours long and begins with Rev. Eklof’s clarifications of his motives and intentions regarding the founding of this new UU organization, … Read more

North American Unitarian Association

Below is a sermon preached by Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Spokane, Washington, on December 4, 2022. The sermon is entitled “The End of an Era: The Dismantling of Unitarian Universalism by the Illiberal Left.” You may share this video on your social media. You are also invited to download … Read more

Genealogy of the Seven UU Principles

We present a video by Rev. Richard Trudeau entitled the Genealogy of the Seven UU Principles as part of a Fifth Principle Project continuing campaign to educate UUs on our Seven Principles. At the June 2023 UUA General Assembly, the UUA Board of Trustees will submit new Article II language. Article II contains our Seven … Read more

Rigged at Every Level

Amid the angst surrounding Article II, the November 15, 2022, announcement of a single UUA presidential candidate has sparked yet another uproar. With only a single candidate, there will be no 2023 presidential election, as required by the bylaws. Instead, the six people on the Presidential Search Committee decided that they alone would select the … Read more

Concerns About the Draft of Article II in UUA Bylaws

by Ken Ing guest contributor Ken Ing retired in 2019 after a career in Information Technology. He lives in the state of Washington. He is a frequent contributor to the local UU Fellowship’s adult learning program, creating 13 talks over the past 3 years, usually about history or politics. Concerns About the Draft of Article … Read more

Reminder Article II Discussion Forum

This is a reminder of the upcoming Article II Zoom Discussion Forum. All are invited. This forum is being sponsored by the Fifth Principle Project to provide UUs an opportunity to discuss the recently released language of Article II. Article II of the Association’s bylaws containing the Purpose of the Association, our Seven Principles, Six Sources, … Read more

Discuss Draft Article II Language

Draft language from the Article II Study Commission is now available for review and comment. Article II of the Association’s bylaws contains the Purpose of the Association, our Seven Principles, Six Sources, Inclusion and Freedom of Belief statements. Per a requirement of the Association’s bylaws, Article II is subject to review every 15 years. Accordingly, … Read more

The Dark Side of Dismantling

The Dark Side of Dismantling The Fifth Principle Project has recently received a detailed description from two UUs who raised their voices in opposition to authoritarian practices at their local UU church when they witnessed congregational polity  being disrespected. The Discussion below is their story of their suspension from their community for five years.  We are … Read more

Article II Discussion Opportunity

Several members of the Fifth Principle Project attended a discussion group sponsored by the Article II Study Commission on September 26. The UUA Board gave the Commission a charge in August 2020 to “revise, replace, or restructure” all sections of Article II. Article II in the Association’s bylaws contains the purpose of the Association and … Read more

David Cycleback from Meet the Author Forum

From the Meet the Author Forum On September 16, 2022, the Fifth Principle Project sponsored a Meet the Author forum with David Cycleback author the of recently published book Against Illiberalism: A critique of illiberal trends in liberal institutions, with a focus on Unitarian Universalism. We have provided below David’s opening comments from that forum. … Read more