Code of Conduct

Some house rules. These apply to comments as well as articles.

  • When using facts and statistics, make sure they’re right. Show your source with a hyperlink or parenthetical insert. No gossip and no labeling of groups without substantiation.
  • We do not accept obscenities, threats, or ad hominem attacks. (Play the ball, not the person.)
  • You may address the character of influential figures, but without nasty labels.
  • Self-promotion and links not relevant to the subject being discussed are spam and will be deleted, as will more obvious forms of spam.
  • Use your own words, with optional brief attributed quotations. Respect copyright law and avoid anything approaching plagiarism. Links to articles on other website are fine.
  • Anything promoting conspiracy theories will be rejected, and we’ll decode what’s wacky.
  • DON’T SHOUT in all caps.
  • Stay on topic.
  • And, finally, while we are addressing serious and difficult issues, a laugh now and then is recommended, as long as it’s not at another’s expense.

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We thank Truly Open Minds and Hearts for the re-use of their Code of Conduct rules.