Update on Day Two of General Assembly

Final Vote on Article II

The discussion and final vote on the proposed language of Article II will be held today (Saturday, June 22)

To be adopted, the proposed Article II language must receive 2/3 support from voting delegates.

All delegates are urged to vote NO (opposed) on the proposed changes to Article II. If unsure, do not Abstain, but vote NO.

  • Date: Saturday, June 22, 2024
  • When: General Session IV
  • Time: 2:30 PM Eastern, 1:30 PM Central, 12:30 PM Mountain, 11:30 AM Pacific
  • Voting: The ballot will be available after the General Session ends. Ballot closes at 11:00 pm Eastern, 10:00 PM Central, 9:00 PM Mountain, and 8:00 PM Pacific. The results will be announced Sunday afternoon.

Voting On Article II Amendments

Yesterday, discussion and voting were held on two amendments to Article II. Results are also published on here.

Equity Call Us to Listen, Understand, Respect, Respond

Not adopted, requires support of 75% of voting delegate. (Note: Voting Labels Updated, June22 at 2:00 PM Eastern)

  • Adopt: 540 (28.4%)
  • Do Not Adopt: 1,363 (71.6%)
  • Abstention: 84

Equity: Every Person is Inherently Worthy

Adopted, requires support of 75% of voting delegate

  • Adopt: 1,809 (92.5%)
  • Do Not Adopt: 146 (7.5%)
  • Abstention: 32

Post General Assembly National Zoom Town Hall Meeting

UU the Conversation invites all to attend a Post General Assembly Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, June 26, at 8:00 PM. See the pre-registration page on UU the Conversation or pre-register directly below.

  • Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2024
  • Time: 8:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM, 5:00 PM Pacific
  • Duration: 75 – 90 minutes
  • LinkPre-register for this Town Hall

Two Important Things

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Elizabeth DeCoux
Elizabeth DeCoux
29 days ago

The results on the Stebbins Equity amendment are actually the opposite of what you reported. Looks like a typo or data entry error.

29 days ago

It is confusing, they switch the order of the results based on the outcome.
Amendment to Proposed Article II: Equity Calls Us to Listen, Understand, Respect, Respond
Option Votes

Do not adopt amendment 1363 (71.6%)
Adopt amendment 540 (28.4%)
Abstain 84 (4.2%)


Last edited 29 days ago by Judy
28 days ago

I have a transparency concern.

Why the delay in reporting the results of the vote on the proposed Article II redo?

Videos of past GAs show votes being tabulated electronically & immediately for all to witness with a measure of confidence in the outcome.

Is this vote a departure from that practice? If so, why?

Thanks for this forum.

John Calvin
John Calvin
28 days ago

After signing-in to the GA meeting today, what I worried might happen had become a reality; they banned me from the delegate chat rooms. The chat moderator claimed my access to those rooms was revoked because some of my earlier posts were determined to be harmful. Really? Were my comments truly harmful or just conveniently labeled as such to provide a justification for silencing a dissenting point of view? I suppose we can only speculate on the answer to that question. The UUA claims their process in this regard is justified because it is serving to protect people from harm. However, given their expanded definition… Read more »

Tom Cunningham
Tom Cunningham
28 days ago
Reply to  John Calvin

Thank you. Well said.
And thank all of you for reminding me, reassuring me, I’m not alone.

28 days ago
Reply to  John Calvin

Thanks agree, Protecting someone from harm ends with growing up.

Mark Flanagan
Mark Flanagan
27 days ago
Reply to  John Calvin

No more may gulls cry at their ears
Or waves break loud on the seashores;
Where blew a flower may a flower no more
Lift its head to the blows of the rain;
Though they be mad and dead as nails,
Heads of the characters hammer through daisies;
Break in the sun till the sun breaks down (Dylan Thomas 1943)

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