Letter from UU Church of Jacksonville, FL

UUCJ, The UU Church of Jacksonville, FL, sent this letter to all UUA congregations with 50 or more members plus all smaller Florida congregations. The letter is signed by the Minister, the Board President, and the Co-Chairs of the UUCJ Article II Review Task Force. This action was approved by the Board in light of … Read more

Rev. Dr. Betancourt Doubles Down

We at the Fifth Principle Project feel it is critical for UU’s to understand what leadership is saying about UUism and the kind of reasoning they employ to say it. Hence, a second post regarding Rev. Dr. Betancourt’s disparaging remarks on our first principle. We wrote to Rev. Dr. Betancourt (see attached below) asking her … Read more

Misinformation from Rev. Dr. Betancourt

Our First Principle Has an Evil Source At a recent event held by the UU Women’s Federation, the Rev. Dr. Sofia Bentancourt, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association, responding to a question about the role of the UUA in the current controversies over abortion, used the occasion to condemn our first principle with misinformation about its … Read more

Congregational Independence is About to Vanish by Erik P. Bloomfield

About the Author Mr. Bloomberg is Managing Member of Allegiant Capital, PLLC, a financial services firm located in Dearborn, Michigan providing planning, asset and risk management for individuals and business entities. He is also Managing Member of Impact Arms, LLC, a Federal Firearms Licensee located in Grosse Ile, Michigan devoted to supplying sportsmen and competitive shooters … Read more

Does UU Environmentalism Still Matter?

Does UU Environmentalism Still Matter? Article II and Amendment 52 – An Unexpected Change Guest Contributor Rebecca Pace The wording of the final proposed Article II language, up for a vote at the June 2024 General Assembly (GA), contains an unexpected change. The proposed Value of Interdependence, positioned to replace the current Seventh Principle regarding … Read more

Update on National Article II Conversation

Two weeks ago, on March 13, the Fifth Principle Project supported an effort by a coalition of UUs, known as UU the Conversation, in their mass mailing to UU congregations and local congregational leaders. The UU the Conversation email was sent to approximately 1,700 email addresses. The email asked individuals to join a national conversation … Read more

Video Much Ado About Article II

Town Hall Reminder We are providing a reminder that a Town Hall meeting is scheduled on March 27, 2024, at 8:00 PM to discuss the Article II amendments to be voted upon at the June virtual General Assembly. Pre-registration is required. Please review the other upcoming Town Hall Meetings. You can request to have this … Read more

UU the Conversation

The Fifth Principle Project is supporting a new campaign entitled UU the Conversation, which has initiated a national conversation on Article II.  This campaign is a grassroots initiative by UUs to engage UUs nationwide in a conversation about the changes and implications of the proposed Article II language. A vote is scheduled at the virtual … Read more

Support Kate Rohde GoFundMe

The Fifth Principle Project is appealing to its membership to support Rev. Kate Rohde’s GoFundMe request. Kate explains the reason behind her GoFundMe program in her January 1, 2024, posting on the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism. She wrote The Unitarian Universalist Church was once my home. Now, after the church stripped me of my … Read more

Certification Needed to Send Delegates to GA

In order to send delegates to the upcoming June 2024 General Assembly, your congregation will need to submit its annual certification to the UUA. See the announcement below. With the important vote on Article II on this year’s agenda, we are encouraging all concerned UUs to be aware of the steps needed to send delegates. … Read more