Conversations with Rev. Todd Eklof

We are posting another video in the Fifth Principle Project Sermon Series, Conversations with Rev. Todd Eklof, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane, recorded on February 19, 2023. In this video, Rev. Eklof addresses the following topics. Is hierarchy evil? What is the difference between progressive and liberal? Covenantal or liberal religion You … Read more

North American Unitarian Association

Below is a sermon preached by Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Spokane, Washington, on December 4, 2022. The sermon is entitled “The End of an Era: The Dismantling of Unitarian Universalism by the Illiberal Left.” You may share this video on your social media. You are also invited to download … Read more

Genealogy of the Seven UU Principles

We present a video by Rev. Richard Trudeau entitled the Genealogy of the Seven UU Principles as part of a Fifth Principle Project continuing campaign to educate UUs on our Seven Principles. At the June 2023 UUA General Assembly, the UUA Board of Trustees will submit new Article II language. Article II contains our Seven … Read more

David Cycleback from Meet the Author Forum

From the Meet the Author Forum On September 16, 2022, the Fifth Principle Project sponsored a Meet the Author forum with David Cycleback author the of recently published book Against Illiberalism: A critique of illiberal trends in liberal institutions, with a focus on Unitarian Universalism. We have provided below David’s opening comments from that forum. … Read more

Meeting with Article II Study Commission

Shortly after the UUA Board of Trustees established the Article II Study Commission charging it “to revise, replace, or restructure” all sections of Article II, the Fifth Principle Project requested to be a stakeholder. The Board identified other stakeholders such as DRUMM, BLUU, TRUUst, UU Humanists, 8th and 1st Principles advocates. Fifteen months later, we … Read more

Liberal Religion

We are adding to our Sermon Series, a sermon delivered by Rev. Rick Hoyt-McDaniels at the February Unitarian Universalists Multiracial Unity Action Council monthly service entitled Liberal Religion. Permission has been granted so you may share sermons from our Sermon Series with others in your congregation.   Three Samples From the Sermon Sample 1 And … Read more

Have You No Sense of Decency?

Below is a sermon Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof delivered on Sunday, January 16, 2022, at the UU Church of Spokane. In his sermon, Rev. Dr. Eklof addresses the January 11, 2022 letter from the UUA Executive Vice President to the UU Seven Principles Fellowship. The letter begins, “”We demand that you immediately cease and desist … Read more

Correction: Ours is a Liberal Religion, not a “Covenantal” One

In his October 17, 2021, sermon, Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane, straightforwardly and understandably, explains how UU leadership is attempting to transform UUism from a liberal religion founded on freedom, reason, and tolerance to a covenantal one. You are encouraged to share the URL of the sermon on … Read more

Comments on Proposed 8th Principle

In a debate on June 1, 2021, Rev. Craig Moro shared his thoughts on the Unitarian Universalist Association’s proposed 8th principle.  The debate was sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Multi-cultural Unity Action Council (UUMUAC).  You can view the full debate at this link. We welcome reader’s comments. Subscribe to Comments Subscribe to comments to follow … Read more