General Assembly Diary – Saturday, June 17

Introduction Below is the first “diary” entry from Rebecca Pace that the Fifth Principle Project will publish regarding the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA) 2023 General Assembly. Given the significant decisions before General Assembly, especially a vote on the proposed language of Article II, we feel it is important that Fifth Principle Project members have access … Read more

The New Norm of Intolerance

Why Review Regarding the many public comments deriding the authors of Used to be UU and other books, we at the Fifth Principle Project have pursued a policy of responding with the full thunder of our silence. We have discovered that such commentators are speaking to their own tribe and have no genuine intention of … Read more

Dick Burkhart for UUA Nominating Committee

The Fifth Principle Project is extending its support to Dick Burkhart in his election bid by petition to become a member of the UUA Nominating Committee. This committee identifies candidates for UUA leadership positions, except Moderator or President. The Nominating Committee exerts significant influence on who represents UUs at the national level. Due to a … Read more

All white people are racist

Introduction We are presenting another installment of stories by UUs impacted by the current intolerance that has swept the denomination. We feel it is important that the true human cost suffered by intolerance should be known. We included several such stories in Used to Be UU. In October 2022, we published a similar personal account … Read more

The Game is afoot

The feedback collected by the Article II Study Commission from its online form is available at It is difficult to determine how many suggestions have been submitted, but it appears that over 200 submissions have been received. The site administrator has offered some tips to sort through the submissions. We encourage everyone to review … Read more

Article II Feedback Opportunity

We are asking our Fifth Principle Project’s 625 members to take advantage of an opportunity to provide feedback to the Article II Study Commission. The proposed Article II language will face a preliminary vote at the June 2023 General Assembly in just a few weeks. There is now a process by which specific proposed language … Read more

Most Oppressed or Most In Need

Correction: When this Discussion was initially posted on March 16, 2023, the sponsor of the business resolution “Complete Divestment from the Fossil Fuel Industry and Subsequent Reparations” was incorrectly noted as the UUA Board of Trustees. A user comment on March 19 provided a correction. This business resolution was sponsored by a group called “Unitarian … Read more

Conversations with Rev. Todd Eklof

We are posting another video in the Fifth Principle Project Sermon Series, Conversations with Rev. Todd Eklof, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane, recorded on February 19, 2023. In this video, Rev. Eklof addresses the following topics. Is hierarchy evil? What is the difference between progressive and liberal? Covenantal or liberal religion You … Read more