Conversations with Rev. Todd Eklof

We are posting another video in the Fifth Principle Project Sermon Series, Conversations with Rev. Todd Eklof, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane, recorded on February 19, 2023. In this video, Rev. Eklof addresses the following topics.

  • Is hierarchy evil?
  • What is the difference between progressive and liberal?
  • Covenantal or liberal religion

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This video is an excerpt from the UU Church of Spokane, Sunday First Service: Conversations with Todd.

Two Important Things

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Robert Wallace
Robert Wallace
15 days ago

I am sympathetic with your efforts, but I don’t have time to watch videos. Please post transcripts.

14 days ago
Reply to  Robert Wallace

17.5 minutes is all this takes

Sasha Kwapinski
Sasha Kwapinski
15 days ago

A possible topic for future discussion might be whether a religious denomination can be both liberal and covenantal – i.e. incorporating, to one degree or another, both the liberal and the covenantal in its teachings and practices.

14 days ago

Good treatment of the difference between liberalism and far left “progressivism”.

Concerned UU
Concerned UU
10 days ago

I always listen to Todd expecting to disagree with him, and often enough I do, but never as much as I expect.

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