Reminder Article II Discussion Forum

This is a reminder of the upcoming Article II Zoom Discussion Forum. All are invited. This forum is being sponsored by the Fifth Principle Project to provide UUs an opportunity to discuss the recently released language of Article II. Article II of the Association’s bylaws containing the Purpose of the Association, our Seven Principles, Six Sources, Inclusion and Freedom of Belief statements. Currently, a vote is scheduled for the June 2023 General Assembly to consider the final language drafted by the Article II Study Commission.

To assist UUs, congregations, and fellowships to make an informed voting decision, the Fifth Principle Project is sponsoring an Article II Discussion Forum on Tuesday,  November 1 at 8:00 PM Eastern (7:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Mountain, 5:00 PM Pacific.)

The draft Article II language is found on the Discussion post entitled  Discuss Draft Article Language.

Summary of Changes

The draft Article II significantly revises the structure and language of the current Article II. Below is a summary of those changes.

    • Purpose of the Association: Replaced with new language.
    • Seven Principles: Eliminated. Replaced with value and covenant statements.
    • Six Sources: Eliminated. Replaced with a narrative description of inspirations.
    • Inclusion Statement: Unchanged.
    • Freedom of Belief: Retained most of the original language, but an appended statement outlines how beliefs must be expressed.

Pre-registration is required 

Follow this Pre-registration link to attend this Article II Discussion Forum on November 1, 2022 from 8:00 to 9:30 PM Eastern (7:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Mountain, 5:00 PM Pacific).

Feedback Sessions

All UUs are also encouraged to attend Zoom Feedback sessions sponsored by the Article II Study Commission. Zoom sessions run from November 5 to November 14.  Pre-registration is required to attend.

To see the schedule for these Zoom sessions and to pre-register follow this link.


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Russ Araujo
Russ Araujo
1 year ago

Here is another change in the draft Article II: By my reading, the parties to the agreement change from member congregations to UUs as individuals. In the draft Article II, the second sentence of Section C-2.2 states, “As Unitarian Universalists in religious community, we covenant, congregation-to-congregation and through our association, to support and assist each other in engaging our ministries.” It’s a little murky, but if I parse away modifiers, I get “As Unitarian Universalists …, we covenant….” The words “in religious community” are vague and do not mean the same thing as “congregations.” At any rate, it is “Unitarian… Read more »