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June the 6th I started a Facebook Group named after this site, Fifth Principle Project. The first post concerned some questions I wanted to ask of our new moderators, the Rev. Meg Riley and Charles Du Mond. I also emailed those questions to the moderators, with a link to the FB page,  at the email address they provided in order to reach them. I never got a reply to my email and no request from either of them to join this group.  Here is what I posted and emailed.

At this year’s GA the delegates will vote on the nomination of two new moderators, the Rev. Meg Riley and Charles Du Mond. Both have deep UU backgrounds and, consistent with our proud tradition of encouraging and supporting a plurality of beliefs, both tell us they are committed to a multi-racial and multi-cultural UU faith community. In view of this commitment, we want to invite them both to address a growing perspective that we liberal UU’s are out of step with the prevailing direction of UUism pertaining to matters race. Some have even suggested that if we liberal UU’s do not or cannot embrace the direction UUism is taking in this regard, then we should leave, or even be excluded from our faith community. 
We would like to know what our prospective moderators think about this trend because we liberals are concerned and confused by it. We see ourselves as always having supported other UUs if they have views different from ours. We always thought that this ethic was close to UUism as we liberals have understood and tried to live it. But now the idea that UU’s often repeat, that we need not think alike to love alike, seems to be fading. How will growing issue impact your role should you be elected to the high and honorable position of Moderator? 

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Allan Pallay
Allan Pallay
3 years ago

Below is a proposed comment/question that could be posed to the new moderators. Since I am not knowledgeable about the political dynamics of this issue let me know if it makes sense. Over the past several years there has been many questions raised about the value of the white supremacy culture paradigm, culminating in a recent scholarly book written on this topic. None of these ideas have been seen in the UU World or any other document published by the UUA, so many UUs may not be familiar with this point of view. Would either of you be in favor of encouraging the… Read more »