Is the UUA Democratically Governed?

“Is the Unitarian Universalist Association democratically governed?” It is a reasonable question. More than a decade after the 2009 Fifth Principle Task Force urged reforms to General Assembly, the institution continues to conduct the business of the Association in ways the report found clearly undemocratic. Consider, for example, that we do not have any collective … Read more

General Assembly Starts

We encourage all to participate in 2021 General Assembly, which starts today June 23, 2021. Events Recommended June 23 Bylaw and Rule Amendments Proposed Bylaw and Rule Amendments will be discussed in the Mini-Assembly on Wednesday 3:00 p.m. ET / 2:00 p.m. CT / 1:00 p.m. MT / 12:00 p.m. PT. After the Mini-Assembly, the … Read more

Code of Conduct

We are working to ban Tom Clowes from this site. Most of you probably know why. We tried a temporary ban but that did not work. He has persistently perverted the content of this site in order to constantly accuse the Fifth Principle Project of racism and fraud. He’s had repeated warnings about this behavior, … Read more

Back to the Point

Our last discussion, When Democracy Dies, sparked a lively discussion. Many people took the opportunity to engage, share their thoughts and take a public stand on their beliefs. Yet in the end most comments wandered away from the key point of the Discussion. We have a decision point before us regarding how our Association will … Read more

When Democracy Dies

by Jay Kiskel If you ever wondered what it looks like when democracy dies, you now have a front-row seat.   We are witnessing such a demise in our own denomination.  Hyperbole?  No. Tipping Scales When I submitted my name by petition to run for a position on the UUA Board of Trustees, I naively believed … Read more

UUA Board Candidate Forum

On June 1 at 8:00 pm Eastern there will be a pre-General Assembly candidate forum for a seat on the UUA Board of Trustees. Description The Candidate Forum is sponsored by the Election Campaign Practices Committee (ECPC). It will involve statements by, questions to, and discussion between the two candidates for the contested seat #8 … Read more

The Harm Principle and Wise Discernment

by James Anderson   The Dalai Lama in “Ethics for a New Millennium” suggests that there is an important role for critical thinking – i.e. reason and logic – in avoiding harm: “Skillful means can be understood in terms of the efforts we make to ensure that our deeds are motivated by compassion. Insight refers … Read more

The Anti-Semitism in Critical Race Theory

This is an excellent read.  The following is from the article. “In the critical social justice paradigm, Jews, who have never been seen as white by those for whom being white is a moral good, are now seen as white by those for whom whiteness is an unmitigated evil.”   Critical Race Theory and the … Read more

Break Glass in Emergency

by Jay Kiskel, UUA Board Candidate With the publication of Used to be UU, The Systematic Attack on UU Liberalism and the submission of my petition for a position on the national UUA Board, I have been staying current by reading the weekly General Assembly updates and the 1st quarter UUA Board meeting minutes.  After … Read more