UU the Conversation

The Fifth Principle Project is supporting a new campaign entitled UU the Conversation, which has initiated a national conversation on Article II.  This campaign is a grassroots initiative by UUs to engage UUs nationwide in a conversation about the changes and implications of the proposed Article II language. A vote is scheduled at the virtual June 20 – 23, 2024 General Assembly. A 2/3 vote is required to accept the proposed language. If passed, the new Article II will go into effect immediately.

Position of the Fifth Principle Project

At the Fifth Principle Project, we have long insisted that too many UUs know little to nothing about these changes and what they mean for our faith. The proposed changes are sweeping, impacting all congregations and individual UUs.  Changes of this magnitude require far more conversation, time, and discernment.

Once UUs understand the scope of the proposed changes, their negative impact on the liberal character of Unitarian Universalism and the abandonment of individual freedom of belief, General Assembly delegates will vote not to accept the proposed language.

UU the Conversation

UU the Conversation is designed to engage and educate UUs on what is at stake at the June General Assembly vote and encourage them to become General Assembly delegates and vote to reject the proposed Article II language.

The campaign kicked off on March 13, 2024, with a mass mailing of the Newsletter email below to UU congregations and congregational leaders. The “ask” in the newsletter is to help expand the conversation by sharing the newsletter and visiting a new website, UUtheConversation.org.

The website has a wealth of resources developed to inform the many, many UUs who have been flying under the proverbial radar.

We urge all to visit the Join the National Conversation section and explore the Video and Resource Libraries.

Town Hall Zoom Meetings

There are also opportunities to register for Town Hall meetings designed to allow UUs across the country to hear the hopes and expectations of other UUs.

The first Town Hall is scheduled for March 27 at 8:00 PM Eastern. The theme of this Town Hall is “Amendments to Article II.” Four amendments have obtained support from 15 UU Congregations and will be on the agenda for the June 2024 General Assembly. Sponsors of those amendments will discuss their amendments, their journey, and the next steps. Pre-registration is required.

On the Registration page, you can request that the full schedule of Town Hall meetings be mailed to you.


We highly recommend two series in the Video Library.

Article II Teach-in

This Article II Teach-in was hosted by the Unitarian Society of Hartford, CT, on January 21, 2024. This 3-part video series covers what is at stake with proposed revisions, provides an inside look at the language of the proposed language, and reflects on the impact of the proposed Article II changes.

Continuing the Conversation

This 7-part video series simulates conversations between UU members, exploring many questions when assessing whether the proposed Article II revision would be wise and prudent. Each part is 4 to 8 minutes long.


The Resource Library also provides access to a sister website, Savethe7Principles.org, which also generates conversation and action to defeat the passage of the proposed Article II language.

Image of the nationwide newsletter

Below is an image of the newsletter emailed to over 2,000 recipients consisting of UU congregations/fellowships and congregational leaders.

Two Important Things

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Join the Fifth Principle Project. It’s free. The Fifth Principle Project is an organic grassroots initiative to gather into community Unitarian Universalists who want to reinvigorate the right of conscience and renew the democratic process in the governing of our denomination.

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Robert Wallace
Robert Wallace
29 days ago

I congratulate the people who put together the new website, UU the Conversation, and the mailing to UU congregations. They are both inviting and candid. Great work!!

29 days ago

I love the new website – UUtheConversation is a treasure trove! Easy to navigate, pleasant to look at, and packed with valuable “info gems” that can be shared freely with UUs everywhere. Thanks for taking the time, FPP, to help save Unitarian Universalism as we know it! <3

Bill Baar
Bill Baar
28 days ago

nicely done

27 days ago

Hi i think that i saw you visited my web site thus i came to Return the favore Im attempting to find things to enhance my siteI suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas

24 days ago

Our Board was a recipient of your mass email. Our minister has instructed them not to read it or do anything with it as it is divisive and not helpful and she is going to find out who sent it. LOL.
So I guess giving people a platform to discuss changes (both pro and con) is divisive… must be because the powers that be do NOT want people questioning anything spewed out by the UUA. Blind following is what they want.

23 days ago
Reply to  Thomas

A Unitarian Universalist minister telling adults not to read something. What a sad state of affairs the church has become.

Barbara Kidney
Barbara Kidney
23 days ago
Reply to  Thomas

Praise and adulation of the UUA, with lots of money to them too, from the docile, obedient membership, all in the name of (gag) “social justice”!
Rolling on the floor and laughing out loud– at least this debacle is good for the immune system!

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