Updates from the Fifth Principle Project

Petition Submitted

The petition for Jay Kiskel, co-founder of the Fifth Principle Project, to be a candidate for a position on the UUA Board of Trustees has been submitted. At the 2021 June virtual General Assembly, new board members will be presented.

We urge you to attend the 2021 virtual General Assembly as a voting delegate. If you are unable to be a voting delegate, ask that your congregation hold a meeting to discuss votes that GA delegates will cast.  We clearly would like your congregation to charge your congregation delegates to vote for Jay.

Fifth Principle Project Article II Study Commission Stakeholder

The Article II Study Commission was assembled in 2020 with the freedom “to revise, replace, or restructure” all sections of Article II.  Article II contains our principles, sources, the purpose of the Association and other clauses that define the character of UUism.

With the announcement of the Commission, a list of stakeholders was identified.  Among the “critical” stakeholder groups identified were 8th and 1st Principle advocates.  We made a request to include the Fifth Principle Project as a “critical” stakeholder.  We have been offered an opportunity to participate, but our “critical stakeholder” status was not answered.  We made another request.

Fifth Principle Project Booth at General Assembly

The Fifth Principle Project has made a $1,200 payment to have a booth at the 2021 virtual General Assembly.  We believe it is important that the Fifth Principle Project be seen as an equal partner in determining the direction of our UU faith movement.

We welcome any financial support to defray the cost of this booth.  We have just $325 in the bank.   Become a financially contributing member by clicking this link.

Publication of Used to Be UU

We are in the final stages of the publication of our book Used to Be UU, The Systematic Attack on UU Liberalism, What You Need to Know, What You Need to Do.  The book will be available on Amazon.com in both softcover and e-reader formats.

Our next Discussion post will include a short excerpt from the book.

If you would like the co-authors, Frank Casper and Jay Kiskel, to speak to your congregation or a group of congregants via Zoom, please use our Contact Us page to register your interest.


Join the Fifth Principle Project (it’s free) so you can stay connected with others who want to reinvigorate the right of conscience and renew the democratic process in the governing of our denomination.

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Charlyn Jackson
Charlyn Jackson
3 years ago

I just learned about this movement and would like to know more about the fifth principle.