Compendium of UU Leadership Views of Rank and File UU’s

If we seem critical of the UU leadership and its political agenda, we are motivated by hope for better progress. Based on the last 23 years, the current philosophy would seem to be ineffective. Spreading justice is an important project, and we would like to achieve.

UU Leadership and Lay People

UU leaders express low opinions of lay UUs. How often have you heard national or local leaders praising UUs?

Comment Source Additional Information
Egalitarian-minded progressives are the greatest threat to people of color in our society. Derald Wing Sue, Microaggressions in Everyday Life, Used in Beloved Conversations (2020 curriculum). To back up his claim, Sue cites himself. “It is not the White supremacist, Klansman’s or Skinheads, for example who pose the greatest threat to the people of color, but rather well intentioned people, who are strongly motivated by egalitarian values, who believe in their own morality and who experienced themselves as fair minded and decent people who would never conscientiously discriminate (Sue, 2005).”
Lay UUs cherish their misconceptions like birthers or climate-change deniers do. They need their church authorities to correct them. Rev Frederic Muir, 2012 From iChurch to Beloved Community: Ecclesiology and Justice
Lay liberal UUs are misguided and ineffective, but they have resources and can be recruited into the radical inner circle to help dismantle civilization. Rev Ashley Horan, on The VUU #185, June 2017 Intentionally Radical AND Spiritual – The VUU #185 Start at 8:15.
Lay UUs’ liberal outlook makes it hard for them to accept that they need to completely get rid of their ways of being, and that white people will be taken down a notch in the new order. Nora Rasman, on The VUU #185, June 2017 Intentionally Radical AND Spiritual – The VUU #185 Start 13:45
Old UUs need to change or leave. UUs who object are self-centered. Meg Riley, on The VUU #185, June 2017 Intentionally Radical AND Spiritual – The VUU #185 Start 420:00
“white progressives cause the most daily damage to people of color” Robin DiAngelo, in White Fragility, 2018, published by Beacon Press A Sociologist Examines the “White Fragility” That Prevents White Americans from Confronting Racism
Lay UUs should not judge what they’re being taught by their own standards and instead should adopt the whole new way of thinking that the leadership is showing us. Gail Forsyth-Vail, Interim Faith Development Director, March 2019 personal email exchange
Most lay UUs, perhaps a significant majority, are blindly living in denial about racism. Commission on Institutional Change, March 2019 We Lack a Common Vocabulary and Understanding about Race and Oppression Among Us
If lay UUs don’t see things the leadership’s way, it’s because they are struggling to see reality. White ministers’ letter, June 2019 Reprint: An Open Letter from White UU Ministersd
The UU community is an orchard full of bad apples, so full that there’s no point in trying to remove one or two (in reference to Rev Todd Eklof). Carolina Krawarik-Graham, RIP, August 2019 personal letter shared semi-publicly

Personal conversations with a dozen UU social justice leaders from the congregational to the national level confirm these published sources.

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